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Metal Braces

We are proud to use 3M SmartClip brackets to guide our patients a Board Quality finish. These self ligating brackets have a smooth, contoured surface that offers a more comfortable fit. The design and technology in these brackets help your teeth stay cleaner and you spend less time in the orthodontic chair.  Dr. Vargo utilizes 3M products because of their data research, history and proven results. They are manufactured in the USA under strict guidelines which produces a great product and a fabulous smile.

How Braces Work

Braces move your teeth into alignment with gentle, steady pressure.

Here is a description of the basic parts:


The brackets are bonded on the teeth and hold the archwire in place


The archwire is placed in the brackets and creates force to move the teeth into alignment. 3M SmartClip brackets provide an easy entry clip to hold the wire in place.

Metal Band

The band is a cemented ring of metal placed around a tooth. Metal bands are not used in all cases, but can be a part of treatment when necessary.

All brackets are placed and positioned on the tooth by Dr. Vargo. The archwire slowly and steadily puts pressure on the brackets to guide your teeth into a healthy alignment. Sometimes, springs or rubber bands are used to exert more force in a specific direction.

During treatment, your teeth may actually loosen. This is a natural occurrence and is not cause for concern. Your braces loosen the teeth in order to move them. Your surrounding tissues and the bone structure underneath will grow to support the tooth in its new position.