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“Dr. Vargo and his staff are wonderful. He is an artist at his trade. I am a dental hygienist and I chose Dr. Vargo to do my adult Invisalign. I have a lot of respect for his work. I had childhood braces and my teeth never looked like they do now. I am so thrilled with my results! I am now entrusting him with my seven-year-old daughter’s orthodontics. She is in expanders and doing great. Thank you, Dr. Vargo and staff!”
— Jenny

“When you first step into Vargo’s business you will notice that it is unlike any other patient office in Rome. Most doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, etc., are very bland and you feel like a number. Vargo’s employees do an exceptionally great job in making you feel welcome and that you are under the best of care. After visiting his office, I received the impression that he would surely be the most expensive treatment option. After visiting another office with the ‘bland’ impression, I found out he was actually the lowest cost option by a lot. Part of this is due to him being able to treat me in about eight months. To clarify, I was an Invisalign adult patient. I can only speak from my experience, but in my opinion, even if his office wasn’t the lower cost, I would have still chosen to do my treatment here. The office atmosphere and professionalism of the staff is incomparable.”
— Micah

“I couldn’t say enough good things about Dr. Vargo and his team at Vargo Orthodontics! They provide exceptional treatment and patient care for each individual. You are not just another ‘patient’ at Dr. Vargo’s office, rather you are a special and unique person as well as his patient. Dr. Vargo and team continue to impress me with each visit and with their ongoing involvement in our community.”
— Elizabeth

“Vargo Orthodontics is a wonderful place for your dental care! The staff is incredibly friendly and genuinely interested in the patients they serve. My kids enjoy the arcade and especially the fresh-baked cookies they receive on the way out! Thankful for such a fun and professional place for my kids to receive their orthodontic care!”
— Amy

“Knowledgeable, courteous staff. They offer wonderful incentives for the children and are very pleasant; my son couldn‘t wait to get his braces and looks forward to each and every visit! Always willing and ready to help with any question or problem no matter how small.”
— J

“I love Dr. Vargo and the entire staff. The staff is incredibly friendly and genuinely interested in the patients they serve. They have grown to be family to me and I couldn‘t have asked for anyone better!! I always get excited when I know I have an appointment. They always make me laugh and grin from ear to ear. They are by far the BEST EVER!! If you need orthodontic care, I would highly recommend Vargo Orthodontics.”
— Ashley