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What Sets Us Apart

At Vargo Orthodontics our team approach is the key to providing patient-centered treatment for all. From the initial contact with new patients, until the amazing end result, our team is devoted to every patient. Dr. Vargo leads the lineup of a capable and well-trained staff, and every detail of a patient’s treatment is given careful consideration. 

One-on-One attention: Dr. Vargo will see you at every visit. He communicates with our team and your general dentist to provide the best, patient-centered care.  We have a compassionate and well trained staff.  

Vargo Valet shuttle service: We are pleased to announce that the Vargo Valet is available to pick up and drop off our patients in style from participating schools. Dr. Vargo realizes the sacrifice that today’s working parents make when taking time off work to bring their child to his or her appointment. Our practice is dedicated to excellent customer service, which is why we provide this complimentary service for our patients!

Earn rewards: We have a VIP Rewards card program through Practice Genius. Patients are recognized and rewarded for multiple things from great brushing to all As on a report card!

Exceptional office experience: We cater to all ages and have a warm and inviting office with a coffee bar and game room. Plus, since everyone likes a little treat now and then, we offer freshly baked cookies, then switch to popsicles in the summer months ... the perfect treat after an orthodontic appointment!

Partners in education: Vargo Orthodontics is proud to donate $50 to your school when you begin treatment with us. If you participate in extracurricular activities, you will be able to designate where you would like your donation to go. We recognize that all schools and extracurricular programs have faced budget cuts, and we want to give back to the community we serve. Together, we can make a difference, one smile at a time!