Dental Braces Calhoun, GA

Dental Braces Calhoun, GAWhether you have crooked teeth, misalignment, or an issue with your bite, dental braces in Calhoun, GA may be recommended by your orthodontist. Although children and adolescents tend to be the largest group of candidates for braces, adults can also benefit from them. Even though braces are primarily used to straighten the teeth, Vargo Orthodontics wants you to understand that there are several other benefits to having dental braces available in Calhoun, GA

Why You Should Have a Big Smile When You Wear Braces

As an orthodontist, we routinely place braces on people’s teeth.  We always make sure they know that their Calhoun, GA dental braces are doing so much more than straightening out their teeth. For example:

Braces Can Prevent Gum Disease

Failure to properly care for your teeth and mouth can lead to gum problems and gum disease. Calhoun, GA dental braces put small spaces between the teeth which help you to floss and brush in a more effective manner; thereby, preventing food (or less of it) to become lodged within the teeth. 

Tooth Decay Can Be Prevented

Tooth decay is a big problem, especially with the heavy consumption of soda and sugar. It happens from poor brushing and an accumulation of bacteria in the small crevices. These leads to an acid build-up and a wearing of the enamel – a type of barrier that protects your teeth. Once this occurs, decay and cavities can result. 

If cavities are caught early on, they can be treated. However, when they are not treated, you may need to have a root canal which is very expensive. Calhoun, GA dental braces can reduce tooth decay and cavities because they enable you to brush our teeth better. 

Your Digestion May Be Improved

When your teeth are not aligned properly, they are unable to chew food into small, digestible bits. This is the first part of digestion and when it is not working properly, the rest can also be hindered. 

Braces Can Protect You From Injury

Crooked or protruding teeth are vulnerable to injury. With dental braces for Calhoun, GA patients, you are less likely to experience broken, chipped, or cracked teeth, or wounds to your lips and mouth. This is especially beneficial for anyone who plays sports, is active outside, or is the unfortunate victim of a car accident. 

Bone Erosion Can Be Prevented

As an orthodontist might explain to you, misaligned teeth can cause bacterial growth and this bacteria can start to eat away at the bones resulting in bone loss. When dental braces available in Calhoun, GA start to straighten out the teeth, you are less susceptible to a bacterial build-up; thereby, it can prevent bone loss. 

Braces Can Improve Your Speech

Misaligned or disproportionate teeth can actually impact the way you speak. For example, non-straight teeth can cause a person to have a difficult time pronouncing certain sounds. Calhoun, Georgia dental braces can correct this. 

There are many benefits to having braces; that go far beyond a nice smile and a boost in your confidence. If you are interested in getting braces, or would like to explore alternative option, please call Vargo Orthodontics today. We will be happy to schedule an appointment with you to speak more about options for braces in Calhoun, GA.