Invisalign Calhoun, GA

Invisalign Calhoun, GA

Are you concerned about having crooked or misaligned teeth? Perhaps you are over the age of 18 and would like to do something about it? As an orthodontist in Calhoun, Georgia, our clinic regularly helps those who are in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and older realign their teeth; thereby, getting them the smile they’ve always wanted. Some of these patients will choose, if not require, metal braces, while others will opt for clear braces, also known as Invisalign, available in Calhoun, GA. 

Invisalign comes in the form of a clear, lightweight retainer. It is very similar to braces; however, the retainers are practically invisible. As an orthodontist for Invisalign, we’d like to remind you that this treatment is not suitable for everyone. To determine whether or not you are a candidate for Invisalign in Calhoun, GA, please call an orthodontist from Vargo Orthodontics. 

Invisalign Limitations

Invisalign is not the same as metal braces. The treatment also lacks the same force as standard braces. Thus, if your teeth are significantly out of place and will require extensive movement, or realignment, to get them straight, an orthodontist in Calhoun, GA for Invisalign will likely tell you that metal braces are more ideal. 

The Shape of Your Teeth: Some people have teeth that are of a certain shape and will be unable to fit into the aligner correctly. For example, teeth that are very pointed, rounded, or pegged are generally not ideal for Invisalign treatment in Calhoun, Georgia. 

The Positioning of Your Current Teeth: If your mouth is one that is overcrowded, it can result in your current teeth rotating. In the event of any teeth rotating more than 20 degrees, especially in the molar area, Invisalign will not be ideal. Teeth towards the front of the mouth can have a larger rotation, but there is still a limit. If the tooth is tilted back or forward, the tilt should not be more than 45 degrees. 

Gaps in the Teeth: Invisalign available in Calhoun, GA can help correct gaps in the teeth, but usually, you cannot have more than two or three, and they should not be more than 2-6 mm per arch. If your gaps are larger, or there are several, you may need metal braces. 

Intrusion and Extrusion: Metal braces slowly assist in moving the teeth into a position so that they are the same height. Invisalign can also do this, but in a limited way. Usually, the front part of the mouth can be made an equal height, but not always the back.

Your Midline: In the event the middle of your face not matching, your jaw might be misaligned. Invisalign treatment in Calhoun, GA can only move your jaw by one to two millimeters to the right or left. If any further realignment is needed, an orthodontist will recommend braces.

Orthodontics Appointment: What Happens During the Initial Appointment

A trip to the orthodontist to learn about Invisalign in Calhoun, GA can feel overwhelming, particularly if you have never visited one or if it’s your first time in a long time. You may worry about your diagnosis, the cost, and the process. All of these are normal worries that everyone has. This doesn’t mean that you have to stay worried, however. If you know what to expect of your initial appointment, then you will feel less overwhelmed walking into the office.

What the Exam Consists Of

When you arrive at the consultation, the orthodontist will conduct a thorough examination. When this happens, he or she looks at your teeth, utilizing different instruments. If you had X-rays done at the dentist before arrival, he or she will also look at those. If you did not have X-rays completed, then your Calhoun, GA Invisalign orthodontist may take them while you are there. These X-rays will allow the orthodontist to diagnose any problems with your teeth. Once a diagnosis can be made, he or she will be able to come up with a treatment plan based on the results.

What the Orthodontist Discusses

Once you are through with the exam, you have to talk with your Calhoun, GA Invisalign orthodontist about the next steps. He or she will talk to you about the orthodontic problem that you have. Once you have a diagnosis, he or she will discuss what needs to be done to fix the problem. You may have to discuss straightening options or teeth removal if it is necessary. You will also have to discuss the time it will take to complete the treatment and how much it will cost.

You should take advantage of this conversation to discuss all of your options and to ask as many questions as you need to when considering Invisalign in Calhoun, GA. Orthodontic treatment may be expensive and invasive. You have to be positive that you are making the right choice for your oral health. The point of orthodontics is to give you a straight smile and also balance your facial profile. In some cases, you may have to remove teeth for braces.

When it comes to any form of dentistry, people tend to be nervous about the appointments. Some people fear the pain of an exam or perhaps of the treatment itself, whereas others simply do not like how invasive orthodontics and dentistry is. The truth is that you can ease your anxiety as long as you know what to expect. Remember to ask questions when you meet with a Calhoun, GA Invisalign orthodontist.

Are You Interested in Invisalign in Calhoun, GA?

Orthodontic treatment and related technology are constantly changing. The limitations of Invisalign today might not be a limitation in six months or one year. Therefore, if you were once told you could not have Invisalign, it may be worth your time to consult an orthodontist again. To schedule an appointment with an orthodontist, please call Vargo Orthodontics and find out more about Invisalign Calhoun, GA families trust.

Should I get braces?

If you are considering straightening your teeth as an adult, you are probably weighing the options, including Invisalign in Calhoun, GA. There are many products out there and it can be confusing and overwhelming when deciding what is best for you. There are cosmetic and financial considerations as well as the burden of whether or not each method is effective for your needs. Regardless of your reason for considering better tooth alignment, you should always consult with an orthodontist prior to investing in any method, including Invisalign in Calhoun, GA. The following information explores the most popular options that adults are choosing.

Most common options:

Braces: The traditional materials of metal brackets fixed to your teeth connected with a thin adjustable wire is still used today. However, the brackets are more discreet and may come in a variety of colors. Some people even opt for ceramic brackets as they can be less visible. Typically, braces are on the teeth for one to three years and require regular visits to the orthodontist so that he or she can ensure they are working and will adjust them as needed. Braces are the best option for significant alignment issues such as substantial overcrowding or closing a large gap.

Invisalign: In Calhoun, GA,  there are many options to choose from when considering Invisalign. The first step is to consult with your dentist or orthodontist to discuss your concerns and ask questions about your options. Invisalign is a good option for someone who needs a slight adjustment, perhaps for that smile you have always wanted. The pros of Invisalign versus braces include less time in the orthodontist’s chair. Unlike braces, there is no hardware to adjust; since Invisalign are made of one piece of plastic, there is no hardware that can break or malfunction. Another Calhoun, GA Invisalign pro is the convenience of being able to take them out to eat and clean your teeth.

Other Considerations:

Time: The time-frame of braces or aligners is pretty much the same- one to three years. Although some reports show less time for the aligners. Your orthodontist will likely be able to estimate how long you will need braces or aligners after your initial consultation.

Maintenance: There are two considerations when it comes to the maintenance of your teeth during treatment- cleaning and adjustments. A benefit of using Invisalign in Calhoun, GA to straighten your teeth is that they are removable. In being able to remove them, it is easier to eat, brush and floss your teeth. In addition, you will not need to see the orthodontist every month for an adjustment, as you would with braces.  

Financial options: Your insurance company may or may not cover dental. When you discuss your options for Invisalign with a Calhoun, GA orthodontist, you should also receive an estimated cost and you will then be able to discuss payment options with the staff.

As an adult, the commitment required to straighten your teeth can be a difficult decision. However, there are many great options out there. It is important that you do your research and consult with a dental professional in order to find the best treatment option for your teeth and budget.  For more details about Invisalign Calhoun, GA patients recommend, call Vargo Orthodontics today.

How Can You Decide If Invisalign in Calhoun, GA Is Right For You?

Taking the first step to a brighter and healthier smile is a big decision. If asked, many people would say that there is something about their smile they wish they could tweak. Whether it is the shade of whiteness, the gaps in their teeth, or how crooked their teeth are. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a perfect smile and at-home teeth products don’t always help. This is why the Vargo Orthodontics believe Invisalign available in Calhoun, GA can help you. When you have straighter teeth, it can not only improve the health of your mouth but it can make it easier to keep them clean and white. If you would like to talk with Vargo Orthodontics, located in Calhoun, GA about Invisalign, please set up an appointment with us now. 

The Invisalign Process

When you use Invisalign, you are getting transparent aligners that can help correct gaps in your teeth and move your teeth to make a straighter smile. Unlike regular braces, these are transparent aligners that you can take out whenever you need to. While we do recommend keeping them in your mouth for a certain period of time throughout the day, you can remove them when you need to eat, drink, or do certain things throughout the day. This makes Invisalign available in Calhoun, GA an attractive option for many considering braces.

Invisalign is Safe

Some people wonder if Invisalign is a safe process, especially since many people might believe that it is just plastic trays in your mouth. However, Calhoun, GA orthodontists want you to know that Invisalign is FDA approved thermoplastic material that does not contain harmful chemicals. 

Invisalign Is Designed With You in Mind

Because everyone’s mouths are different and unique, Invisalign is made uniquely for each patient. No two mouths are the same, so you know when your orthodontist is fitting you for Invisalign in Calhoun, GA that it will work specifically for your mouth. At your first appointment, you can expect a few things to happen. We will:

  • Sit you down for a consultation and go over your dental needs. Do you have gaps? An overbite? What are you hoping to get out of the Invisalign process in Calhoun, GA?
  • Take pictures. Not only will this help so you can see the before and after process of Invisalign, but it will show you how we plan to correct your mouth.
  • X-ray Your Teeth. You can also expect X-rays to determine the condition of your teeth and allow us to get a better look at all of the work that will need to be done and determine whether Invisalign available in Calhoun, GA is right for you.

Choosing Invisalign Instead of Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are very effective, but that doesn’t mean you should feel the need to go with them. Both Invisalign and traditional braces are both available at our Calhoun, GA practice, and can straighten your teeth and give you the smile you want. However, traditional braces can make many people feel uncomfortable when it comes to speaking or eating. This is why we suggest Invisalign to many of our teenage and adult patients. 

If you would like to speak with us about Calhoun, GA Invisalign available at Vargo Orthodontics, call us today to set up your first consultation with our team.