Metal Braces Cartersville, GA

Metal Braces Cartersville, GAYou may think that the majority of orthodontist office patients are children and teens. While that is true, one of the quickest growing age groups who are choosing to get braces as adults. Many of these patients who didn’t get metal braces in Cartersville, Georgia as a child are choosing to go through orthodontic treatment so they can finally have that beautiful smile.

But metal braces not only make a person’s smile beautiful, they also improve the health and functionality of their teeth and this contributes to better overall health. This is why you are never too old to get braces. So if you are a Cartersville, GA adult who is over 50 and thought that boat had sailed a long time ago for you, contact Vargo Orthodontics and meet with one of our orthodontists to find out how a straighter smile can help transform your life!

To Your Health

Life expectancy continues to increase each year, leading many adults to seek out different ways to ensure they feel and look their best. Crooked teeth make it more difficult to properly brush and floss. This can lead to issues with teeth and gums. Plaque bacteria can build up, leading to cavities and gum disease. These issues, in turn, can lead to periodontal disease and expensive dental work. Poor oral health can also cause health problems like stroke and heart disease.

No matter how old you are, metal braces can straighten your teeth, making it much easier to brush and floss your teeth and get into all those difficult places you couldn’t when your teeth were crooked. Straightening your teeth is not just for cosmetic reasons, but you are taking the steps needed to help stay healthy.

Straightening your teeth can also help build up your confidence and make you feel better about yourself. Many people who are embarrassed by their teeth rarely smile. But smiling truly is the language of the universe. Don’t hide yours anymore, share it with the world!


Years ago, the only options for braces in Cartersville, GA were metal braces, held together by wires. Today, however, there are several other options, including tooth-colored ceramic braces and Invisalign braces, that are clear plastic aligners which are removable.

Factors that should go into which type is best for you include the condition of your teeth, how much work is needed, preference for length of treatment, dietary restrictions, and your budget.

Some Things to Consider. . .

If you are thinking about getting metal braces as an older adult, there are some things that may need to be addressed:

  • If you are suffering from any kind of tooth decay, periodontal disease, or missing teeth, these issues will need to be addressed and corrected before orthodontic treatment can start.
  • As an adult, all your bones have stopped growing so there could be some structural changes that will not be achieved with only braces and may require minor oral surgery.
  • While you are wearing braces, your orthodontist may recommend visits to both your dentist and a periodontist to ensure there is no bone loss from gum disease.

To learn more about metal braces Cartersville, GA patients recommend, contact Vargo Orthodontics today.