Orthodontic Treatment Cartersville, GA

Orthodontic Treatment Cartersville, GAUnfortunately, many people do not get the orthodontic treatment in Cartersville, GA that they need… In fact, many people believe that orthodontists and dentists are one and the same. However, seeking Cartersville, GA orthodontic treatment at Vargo Orthodontics when you have oral problems should be a top priority. The orthodontists at Vargo Orthodontics care about their patients and want to ensure your teeth and gums are in the best shape possible. You may be wondering what we can do to help you if your mouth is in pain or if you have questions regarding orthodontic treatment based in Cartersville, GA, so please read below. If you would like to set up an appointment with our office or speak with us in person for a consultation, give us a call.

Orthodontists and Dentists. Are they the same?

While they are often confused, orthodontists and dentists are not the same thing. You likely go see your dentist for routine exams twice a year, but you would not expect to see the orthodontist that often unless you had procedures you were planning on getting. Orthodontists are a specialized branch of dentistry that focuses on:

  • Treatment
  • Prevention
  • Diagnosis

These apply specifically to facial or dental problems you are having that may require orthodontic treatment at our Cartersville, GA office.

Knowing When It’s The Right Time For Braces

If you are concerned about your smile and are wondering if braces are right, we’ve listed a few markers below that may encourage you to call our office to see about our different options for braces.

  1. You have spaces between your teeth.
  2. You have an over- or underbite.
  3. When you bite down, your upper and lower teeth do not touch each other. 
  4. You cannot easily chew. 
  5. You sucked on your thumb or fingers for a prolonged period of time after seven years of age. 

If any of these sound familiar to you, you may want to call our office to schedule a consultation and see if you need orthodontic treatment available in Cartersville, Georgia. 

Orthodontic Surgery and Jaw Problems

If you are suffering from jaw irregularities, you may need an orthodontist to correct these problems, when you have jaw irregularities, it can cause you to have problems breathing, speaking, chewing, or drinking. These actions can even be quite painful. In addition to helping you with your pain, orthodontic treatment in Cartersville, GA can improve the look of the jaw area and make you more comfortable with your facial appearance. 

Orthodontics and General Dentistry

Whether you want braces, Invisalign, or other types of orthodontic procedures to happen, you should not stop seeing your general dentist for your routine visits. Braces can help you in the long run with your tooth health, but it is important to keep seeing your dentist for regular checkups to ensure your teeth are still just as healthy. 

We are here to give you a healthy and bright smile. If you are suffering from dental or jaw problems, please call our Orthodontist serving Cartersville, GA at Vargo Orthodontics today.