Orthodontics Calhoun, GA

Orthodontics Calhoun, GAAt Vargo Orthodontics, we want you to understand that there is a significant difference between Calhoun, GA orthodontics and dental care. While some people use the terms orthodontist and dentist as if they are the same thing, that isn’t exactly right. A dentist and orthodontist are both in the dental field, but they provide different kinds of dental care. Orthodontists are specialists who have knowledge in how to treat certain dental issues. Not everyone will require Calhoun, GA orthodontics in their lifetime, but it’s still important to understand the difference just in case you need help from an orthodontist in the future!

How is an orthodontist different from a dentist?

A dentist is a professional who focuses on the jaw, mouth, gums, teeth, and surrounding nerves. An orthodontist is a professional who focuses on straightening people’s teeth and handling cases of misaligned jaws and teeth, overcrowding, overbites, and occlusions. After an exam with an orthodontist, he or she can diagnose the patient and then create a plan for resolving it. People who are struggling with untreated underbites, crossbites, overbites, and open bites, are encouraged to pursue orthodontics available to Calhoun, GA residents for an assessment, as these issues can get worse overtime. 

What is the most important job that an orthodontist does?

Orthodontists identify issues of the mouth and teeth, and then establishes a treatment plan using various tools that correct alignment problems. For example, a condition called diastema is where there are significant spaces that separate teeth, particularly between incisors and canines. These spaces will probably grow larger as the years pass. In comparison, having too many teeth can also be a problem. Braces are typically the most common solution for overcrowding and diastema. While Calhoun, GA orthodontic treatment isn’t always a quick process, the results tend to be very effective. 

What if I don’t want traditional braces?

There is another option for patients who despise the idea of getting traditional metal braces. Your orthodontist may approve you for a clear aligner instead, which isn’t visible from a reasonable distance. Many patients prefer this because they aren’t as noticeable and don’t include adhering wires or brackets to their teeth.

What is a Calhoun, GA orthodontics appointment like?

It will be similar to seeing your dentist, except it won’t involve a cleaning. The orthodontist will take a look at your teeth in an exam room to talk about the issue you are having. Since most patients see an orthodontist after being referred by their dentist, patients will have an idea of what the topic of the appointment will be about. Patients who need braces may get x-rays and then after installation must return for check-in visits. These check-ins are to ensure that the braces are working as intended. 

Do I have to get a dentist referral for orthodontics in Calhoun, GA?

When it comes to getting teeth straightened, scheduling an appointment with your dentist is usually the first step. Some orthodontist offices may require you to get a dentist referral before being seen for an exam. If your dentist thinks you can get your dental issue treated with clear aligners, then you may not have to see an orthodontist. 

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